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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to buy an adventure for each participant?

    No. Every adventure you purchase includes 5 guest codes, allowing for 6 simultaneous logins.

  • How do I share an adventure with friends?

    When you purchase an adventure, you will be sent 5 guest codes. Give one to each of your friends. They can use the code to register for a 48-hour guest pass, allowing you each to log in with your respective usernames and passwords, without you having to share your login information with everyone.

  • My guest code isn't working

    Guest codes cannot be redeemed at the codecandyblue main site. Each virtual escape adventure has its own login page. You need to redeem your guest code on that page. You need to be a registered codecandyblue user before redeeming a guest code. You can register on the main site or on each adventure landing page.

    Mars Shuttle Mission Landing Page
    Mayan Temple Mission Landing Page
    Amnesia! Landing Page
    The Cryptographer Landing Page

  • How do gift cards work?

    You will be sent a unique code that can be redeemed for any of our adventures. You can use the code yourself or give it to someone else. Gift codes are not tied to email addresses, so can be redeemed by anyone. The redeemer would register for the adventure of their choosing when they redeem the code.

  • Do adventures or gift cards expire?

    Gift cards do NOT expire. Adventures are good for 6 months. Extensions are possible if a login email and password have never been used. Extension requrests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us if you have expiration difficulties.

  • What if my whole club or team or company wants to adventure together?

    Answer #1: If they all want to crowd around 6 computers, go for it! We limit the number of logins; not the number of people using a single computer logged in to the adventure.

    Answer #2: These adventures are most fun when everyone can contribute to completing the mission, so large groups playing together might not be as fun. We recommend dividing your large group into teams of 4-6, with each team playing their own mission. A separate purchase would need to be made for each group of 6 logins. For large groups, please contact customer support. We can work with you to reduce the costs for large purchases.

    If you wish to buy multiple copies of the same adventure, we recommend buying gift cards and giving them to each team leader so they can use their own emails to register for the adventure. Unfortunately, our system does not yet allow multiple purchases of the same adventure to be associated with a single email address.